Organic Food

    In a world of globalisation, pesticides, multi-national food corporations and bland taste, finding good quality food, full of natural richness, is becoming harder to find these days. With the blessing of the natural gifts of the largest and most fertile field on all the Mediterranean islands, Agroturizam Pharos is upholding more than 2000 years of agricultural tradition by producing a range of organic produce full of natural flavour and taste. The availability of fruit and vegetables is seasonal, as Nature intended, but with the highest quality and freshest taste. In keeping with the organic tradition, the Zuvela restaurant Marinero in Hvar Town takes all its vegetables from Pharos and,


    combined with the fresh fish from the family fish processing plant on the island, it is perhaps the only restaurant on Hvar which provides 100% of its food itself. You are welcome to pick your own organic produce and buy it from the farm directly.

    Procude available for tasting includes wine, rakija, prošek, home made cheese, smoked ham, sausages, jams, olive oil and vinegar.


    Intact Nature Hvar is a tourist destination with something for everyone, from the throbbing nightclubs in peak season to the tranquil hidden beaches in one of its many magical coves. Hora offers something completely different, an agricultural colony where little has changed in 2400 years since the arrival of the Ancient Greeks. Hora covers some 80 hectares of land, the most fertile field of all the


    Mediterranean islands, where development is very tightly regulated, and where one can truly escape into a world of heritage and nature. Agroturizam Pharos is one of the few buildings in the entire plain, and the only hospitality business, allowing you a unique opportunity to relax and go back in time to a world no longer available in much of the modern world.


    Enjoy a glass of wine and wander around the farm, or sit and enjoy the peace and tranquility, with sea views over the ancient town of Stari Grad one of the few man-made additions to this natural paradise.